Magnetic cover Onyx Boox Tab Ultra C Pro with Keyboard

Magnetic cover Onyx Boox Tab Ultra C Pro with Keyboard

Suggested price: 150 EUR

Magnetyczne etui wyposażone jest w wbudowany touchpad oraz pełnowymiarową klawiaturę. Zostało wykonane z materiału odpornego na odciski palców, a na tylnej części umieszczono otwór na aparat. Klawiatura pozwoli zwiększyć produktywność dzięki dostępnym skrótom oraz gestom i ułatwi edycję tekstu za pomocą touchpada.



Tap into a PC-Level Excellence

Effortlessly type and navigate with the keyboard's user-friendly layout and integrated trackpad. With the keyboard and trackpad combined into one, you can accomplish more and maximize productivity. It's the perfect fit for a modern workplace.




Connect and Use

The pogo-pin connectors offer a reliable and instant connection to the devices, allowing the keyboard to function seamlessly. This eliminates the need for extra power or Bluetooth pairing with the Tab Ultra C Pro




Smart Gestures

Smart gestures empower you to work smarter, enabling you to effortlessly complete tasks and perform various actions with ease, ultimately boosting your productivity.




Flexible Shortcuts

The keyboard incorporates a range of shortcuts integrated into the device's software, enabling you to easily access popular functions such as multitasking, volume and brightness control, and more.

Enhance Versatility with Adjustable Angles

Experience enhanced versatility with our keyboard cover featuring new pogo-pin placement, offering viewing angles from 120° to 180°. Tested to withstand 15,000 bends, it can last up to 20 years with just two daily adjustments to the rotation beam. You can adjust the angle for optimal usage and enjoy the seamless flexibility you need.

Keep Your Tech Scratch-Free

Meticulously designed with a sleek and professional aesthetic, the covers are made from premium artificial leather, exuding a sense of elegance and style. They provide durable protection against scratches and fingerprints, making them perfect for both work and leisure.