Efekt zmęczenia oczu

BOOX protects your eyes from fatigue

Since 2008 Onyx International has been developing and selling E-Ink devices. Company significantly improves the quality of reading digital content, helping to alleviate eye fatigue that is so common now a days. Unlike the LED/LCD screens the E-Ink screen allows hours of reading, with minimal straining of your eyesight, just like paper publications. Users of E-Ink screens during long reading report less discomfort from the eyes than in the case of LCD displays.

E-Ink screens provide a number of benefits that ordinary LED/LCD screens do not have.

The benefits of the E Ink screen

Like paper
Easy on the eyes
Long battery life
Zero glare

BOOX is a leading consumer electronics brand specializing in E Ink (ePaper) devices. We design, develop, manufacture and offer innovative E Ink tablets and devices that provide an eye-friendly reading experience and close-to-paper writing feel. All BOOX reading and writing tablets are based on Android and ready for multitasking.